Herbal Skincare Products

Traditional medicine and developments in the field of pharmacology managed to displace herbal products from the market by the end of the 17th century. However, the interest towards alternative medicine has grown 3 centuries later. Thus, herbal supplements, medicines and products managed to regain their popularity and entered the lives of modern people as a means to stay away from chemically produced drugs and cosmetics.

Can herbal products really treat anything?

More and more people today prefer resorting to herbal drugs when treating simple cold to fighting diabetes. Certainly, correct use of herbs and shrubs requires serious knowledge, as many plants provide strong action and alter the effects of other plants, increasing them, lowering them or completely changing the body response to them. This is why people prefer buying ready-made herbal medicines and supplements to make sure that their treatment ensures perfect results.

What about the side effects?

In addition to the beneficial effects that we may be provided by various treatments, there is always a risk of suffering from mild to severe side effects from any medicinal product that we ingest, rub in or inject into our body. However, herbal medicines, when used properly, have a lower potential for causing adverse reactions and most such reactions are easy to cure. For example, if you are looking for an herbal pain reliever, it is important to know what kind of pain you suffer and make a correct choice:

Matricaria chamomilla For cramps, spasms, stomach ache, menstrual pains.
Arnica montana For pain in general and pain in traumas, e.g. sprains, pulled muscle, bone fractures, etc.
Nux vomica For headaches.
Hypericum For pain in the nerves

This is just a small list of herbal versions of effective painkillers. The main thing, though, when using such remedies, is to keep in mind that you need to take all herbal supplements, decoctions, medicines, etc., exactly at the recommended doses. Never increase the dose in pursue of obtaining a higher effect. When choosing various herbal products for your medicine chest, make sure to obtain a full list of interactions for each remedy, especially if you plan to continue using pharmaceutical products alongside.

Are herbal skincare products safe?

As for herbal skincare products, the main and probably the only concern that you need to keep in mind is the possibility of an allergic reaction, which can never be excluded, even when it comes to washing your body with simple water. As it is with any other topical product, skincare herbal products should be applied on a small hidden area of your skin to check out for unwanted reactions. If everything is fine, and you made a correct choice, depending on your goals and skin type, and you comply with the recommendations for use, you can be sure that your skin is getting the best care without the “fashionable” chemicals that the producers of cosmetics love so much.

Health organizations of more and more countries encourage people to switch to herbal treatment options, since these are safer, cheaper and pose your health to lower threats. It’s time to add one more natural component to your life and enjoy all the benefits it can provide you with.